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SHAKESPEARE 1600: The One Man Show!

I’m very excited! I’ve developed a one man show around my research for my novel ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’… and I’ve even made a trailer for it!

Click on SHAKESPEARE 1600 or the menu heading above to see it – and read about how I can bring the show to your schools and theatres.

ActualcoverSHAKESPEARE’S REBEL – The novel hits America! Available from all good bookstores and online purveyors Now!








IMG_2539It seems I have won an award! It’s from the Crime Writers of Canada and I was at the gala. Such an honour!

More details here:




‘Arthur Ellis’ was the pseudonym that Canadian hangmen used when checking into towns to do their job.


UScoverThe year is 1536, and notorious French executioner Jean Rombaud is brought in by Henry VIII to behead Anne Boleyn, the condemned Queen of England. But on the eve of her execution, Rombaud becomes enchanted with the ill-fated queen and swears a vow to her: to bury her six-fingered hand, a symbol of her rumored witchery, at a sacred crossroads.Yet in a Europe ravaged by religious war, the hand of this infamous Protestant icon is so powerful a relic that many will kill for it.

Bloodthirsty warriors, corrupt church fathers, Vikings, alchemists, and sullied noblemen alike vie for the prize as Rombaud, a man loyal to the grave, struggles to honor his promise. From sea battles to lusty liaisons, from the hallucinations of St. Anthony’s fire to the fortress of an apocalyptic messiah, The French Executioner sweeps readers into a breathtaking story of courage, the pursuit of power, and loyalty at whatever cost.

“A wonderful saga of magic and heroism. If you can find a first impression, hoard it and wait till it rises in value like a first edition of Lord of the Rings. This is as good.”—Crime Time, UK

“This unusual tale conjures visions of an Errol Flynn-type Hollywood swashbuckler…the tale’s well-told, engagingly written, and includes a colorful immersion into a time when life was cheap and danger or death literally waited around every corner. A gory but fascinating…look at the world in the early 16th century. ” – Kirkus

“Set against the backdrop of the Protestant Reformation, his superbloody Princess Bride-like adventure is, at its heart, a tale of redemption, well earned and hard-won.” – Library Journal

How about buying from the publisher?



or Barnes and Noble



And then there’s…

A Book Trailer for my new novel, PLAGUE

And a Toronto TV interview:


The first reviews are in. A few snippets:

‘Think 48 Hours in the 17th century… Plague is almost an embarrassment of riches… the sort of book you open when you have a spare couple of minutes, and look up from hours later, only after the last paragraph is read.” Robert Wiersma, Vancouver Sun and nationally.

“This novel screams “summer reading.” – Susan Cole, Now Toronto.

“With kings and cripple, rats and rotters, Highwaymen and loose women, you’d never think a lethal virus could be so much fun.” Jon Wise, Sunday Sport UK

Stand by all. Plague is coming… to a city near you!

JULY 15TH 2014: The release of my new novel in Canada and the UK.

The Canadian cover on the left, UK on the right.








“Humphreys’ expressive writing style and ability to weave a tale from these engaging characters’ respective points of view makes for a rich and addictive read, ideal for fans of historical fiction.” Publishers Weekly


London, 1665. A serial killer stalks his prey, scalpel in his hand and God’s vengeance in his heart.

The Plague is back. Thousands are dying, thousands more imprisoned in their own houses, red crosses painted on their doors announcing the pestilence within. While on a dark road outside London, a simple robbery goes horribly wrong. The highwayman, Captain Coke, discovers that his intended victims have been brutally slaughtered.

Suspected of the murders, Coke is forced into an uneasy alliance with the man who pursues him—the relentless thief-taker, Pitman. Clues lead both men to the theatre and to the players who entertain Charles II and his libertine courtiers. There, two actresses—the spirited Sarah Chalker and the beautiful young Lucy Absolute— help to uncover a plot by a fanatical cult planning to kill King Charles and replace him with King Jesus. Love grows between the captain and Sarah, only for both murderer and plague to come between them. And as Death moves remorselessly through the glittering court and the fetid alleys, from the raucous playhouse to the barbarous prisons, can a highwayman, an actress and a thief-taker unite to stop it?

(Click HERE to order from Amazon in the UK)

(Click HERE to order from Amazon in the Canada)

Quite the contrast, eh? Would love to get people’s opinions.

But for my US friends don’t despair. The latest JACK ABSOLUTE novel is out:


The Good Book Guide in the UK called Jack Absolute:

‘The finest series of historical novels since Patrick O’Brian’

“An absolute delight! Swashbuckling adventure, eighteenth century wit, hugely entertaining plots, and one of the most appealing military gentlemen ever to wear a sword.” – Diana Gabaldon, Author of ‘Outlander’ and the Lord John Grey series.

Here’s the link to Amazon.com:


Oh and in the UK and Canada, the paperback of ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ is now out!

Cover finalClick HERE to buy in UK

A new video of Fight Night in Vancouver: Here’s me talking about my greatest ever theatrical exit!


(Click here and look for ‘A Theatrical Tale’ )

A Novel launched at Bard on the Beach! Watch the video. Click FIGHT

And for my Jack Absolute Fans, hear me introduce the novels here:


This was amazing! A night of swords and words at one of Canada’s premier Shakespeare festivals!

Some of the world’s top swordsmen slashed it out, while Bard buffs discussed and explored the turbulent times that Shakespeare lived as he struggled to give birth to  the greatest game changer in literature:


Here’s my final thoughts on the night:


Have a look at the new gallery: http://cchumphreys.com/slideshows/shakespeares-rebel-the-fight-night-gallery-2/

John Lawley takes on the vast Spaniard!

John Lawley takes on the vast Spaniard!

And here’s a terrific interview on CBC’s North by North-West.


Go to 12.52 minutes for Me, unless you want to hear the others.

Some Reviews:

“This is a spectacularly good historical novel. Lewd, debauched and pungent on the one hand, but genuinely romantic, honourable and deeply felt on the other.

– The opening of the first review for my new novel – on Goodreads. From Richard Lee – founder of the Historical Novels Society. Here’s the rest:

I think what will stay with me longest is the vivid portrayal of Elizabethan Southwark in ferment, and Shakespeare, and the context of some of his plays. But there’s spying, rebellion, and adventure, and it’s a real page-turner too. I’m ashamed to say this is the first C.C. Humphreys I have read. Now for some more.”

I’m considering: ‘Lewd, debauched and pungent’ for my tombstone!

Here’s another review, on Amazon.uk, from one of London’s best booksellers, Parmenion Books:

5.0 out of 5 stars Book of the Year 2013, 16 Mar 2013
By Parm (A bookshop near you) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Shakespeare’s Rebel (Hardcover)

When I get to the end of a book I’m always eager to sit and write the review, to express my opinion and feelings of the work I have just finished. I think this is probably the first time I have been intimidated by the process, worried that I didn’t have the right words or the eloquence to do justice to the book. Yes the book is simply that good.

I have read many stories where the authors love of the subject is clear in the telling of the story. But this time its more than that its a passion for the tale, for the time, for the people and for the subject. This passion leaps from every word, every utterance of every character the very bones and soul of the story.

The synopsis will tell you enough about the plot I’m certainly not going to spoil a single line of it for you. What my utmost desire is by writing this, is that you go and buy a copy. Because this story has it all; a love story, a family story, History, mystery and intrigue, passion, sex, plots, fighting, infighting, backstabbing…the list could go on and on. Its is the complete package.

A book this good comes along only rarely and deserves to hit the bestseller list.

Highest recommendation!

Release dates:

UK: March 14th 2013

Order here in UK:


Order here in Canada: http://tiny.cc/0qebsw

Yes, he’s back. What the Good Book Guide in the UK called: ‘The finest series of historical novels since Patrick O’Brian’ is published in the USA on May 7th.

Meet the real Jack Absolute – not the comic captain from Sheridan’s play ‘The Rivals’. Meet the Redcoat. The Mohawk. The Lover. The Spy.

Jack US Front Cover

You can buy at your local bookstore or online at:

Barnes and Noble


A Rather nice early blog review: ‘Imagine if Dan Brown were to write historical fiction starring Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock Holmes. Got that? Now throw in a heavy dose of Shakespeare and theatre humor and you have this novel. From the first page, it is a rush of a read. Jack is a great character – sexy, smarmy, and suave.’ Tara’s Book Blog

Full review: http://tarasbookblog.com/2013/05/16/jack-absolute-by-c-c-humphreys-a-review/

And like this one too:

“Humphreys attention to detail is unparalleled in today’s historical fiction novels. Down to the smallest of things, the author endeavors to be true to the time period and to the historical accuracy that is expected in good historical fiction. Jack becomes everything from an impersonated soldier to a spy during this novel that is for all intents and purposes a wonderful adventure story. Humphreys excels at both character development and advancing the plot. His story certainly doesn’t drag. Jack is a captivating character that readers won’t soon forget.” Deb’s Book Blog.

Full review at: http://tinyurl.com/khaaq67

Film Possibilities: I don’t usually allow myself to get too excited about film news. But this, in Hollywood’s Daily Variety, did make me at least crack a grin:

‘Game of Thrones producer joins French Executioner’:


And in the US!

Here’s the press release from my US publishers for my latest there:

New Novel Details Epic Clash of Civilizations

Author C.C. Humphreys Weaves Dramatic Tale of the Fall of Constantinople

You know how the siege of Constantinople ends. It’s written in the history books.

But what was the human toll? What are the stories of the people involved? How did they experience this epic battle that tore apart cultures, religions, and families?

That is what you will discover in author C.C. Humphreys’s new novel A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 (ISBN 9781402272493; SEPTEMBER 2012; $25.99; Fiction; Hardcover).

The year is 1453. The city of Constantinople is at the center of a clash of civilizations. For the Greeks, it’s their home that has withstood attacks for centuries behind mighty walls. For the Turks, it’s the prize they have spent centuries trying to win.

Humphreys features a wide cast of characters from both sides of the rampart in A Place Called Armageddon. At the center are Gregoras and Theon. Twin brothers from Constantinople. One an exiled mercenary who has vowed never to return. The other a rising diplomatic star hiding a secret of betrayal. A woman who has captured one’s heart, but is married to the other as a trophy. Two brothers fighting for glory and redemption.

A Place Called Armageddon also imagines what the battle meant for two real-life historical figures—Emperor Constantine and Mehmet, sultan of the Turks. Both men fighting for their people and for God. Both sides tasting victory and defeat before the final showdown. Among those fighting is engineer John Grant, a Scotsman brought to Constantinople to recover the formula for Greek Fire, and Achmed, a Turkish farmer lured into service by the promise of the spoils of war. Lurking in the shadows is Leilah, a sorceress who plays a dangerous game with both sides.

From sword fights with pirates to explosions in tunnels and towers, secret rendezvous in the enemy camp, and the religious and moral dilemmas of war, Humphreys once again uses his dramatic flair and meticulous research to weave fiction into fact.

Click on the book’s cover to the right, or its title above to go the page for synopsis, reviews … and even a short film!

Here’s a great review from Publisher’s Weekly:


And in other news…


Click HERE to see the announcement in The Bookseller.

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  1. Argh! I know. It was one of those misprints/poor edits that I just kept failing to see. I know the queens perfectly well! Hope it didn’t put you off?

  2. Hello Mr . Humphreys, I read Vlad, the last confession, it was amazing….I loved every word of it….and I finished the whole novel in two days, I live in Jordan, Amman, and it is hard for me to find your every novel, I was lucky to get hold of Vlad the novel, but I will do my best to find every novel that you wrote, good luck with your next novel, and keep up the great work that you do, sincerely, Yasmine A. Abuzaglan

    • You are the first reader in Jordan as far as I know. How did you get the book? You may want to try A Place Called Armageddon next. Some same characters but different too. So please you liked it!

      • I was really happy when you answered my email, I ordered the book online from a website called Jamalon.com, Armageddon is in my reading list, I can’t wait to find it…wish me luck

  3. Hello again, I have failed to find the rest of your novels, It is hard to find a book in a country where 7% or less of its population as readers, anyway, It was nice to read the reviews about ” a place called Armageddon”, it made me eager to find it more quickly.
    Best wishes to you

  4. Barbara Ann Martin says:

    Are you Cecil who went to Guildhall School of Music in 1978?

  5. Ian Slinger says:

    I have just finished listening to Plague and left a review on itunes. Thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook and hope that there are more stories to come with the same characters. You decided to read this yourself and you did so well that I wonder why you used other people on your previous audiobooks?

    • Ian, thanks so much for this. I did do my first three books for Isis and last year did Shakespeare’s Rebel with Oakhill. The other two on audio I let slip away – too busy or something. I was especially upset about Vlad – poorly done – and vowed never to let anyone else read my stuff again.
      I can’t find the review on iTunes. Maybe its only in the UK? Let me know how I can track it down – might help persuade my publisher to let me read more!
      All the best,

      • Ian Slinger says:

        Chris, it was probably only reviewed and posted on the UK site. I have no idea how you get a copy of the review but I post a lot of reviews under the name readuntilimdead. The voice is so important as Conn Iggulden got a dreadful review from myself and two others for his audio version of his excellent book Emperor The Blood of Gods (The worst review I have ever given). After his agent replied to my criticism on his website they have changed the actor used. I will have to search for your other books as only 3 are available here on itunes. This is the review that I gave your book – 5 Stars!
        “I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was well read. It is not so much about the plague but more about a plot to kill a member of the royal family and other side plots. I hope for another book with the same characters”. Actually, royal family is not quite correct but you know what I mean! Show this to your publisher and get them to listen to Iggulden’s audiobook and you will see why it scored so badly here in the UK.
        Good luck

  6. thomas says:

    an ipressive line up of books-will now search out your books !

  7. Glenn Krochmal says:

    Just beginning “Plague” outstanding and something we Americans have little knowledge of. I am hooked!

  8. Martin says:

    Hi.Just finished listening to your novel Plague.Had it from the Calibre Audio Library.What can I say except it was brilliant,it had me hooked from the start.I couldn’t wait to switch on to listen to some more each day.Well done.

  9. Robert Dicker says:

    Good day

    Can you inform me when the other books in the Absolute series will be out in audio, as the blooding of Jack was a brilliant book, and have issues reading so need audiobook


  10. Chad Shuart says:

    Im nearing the end of Jack Absolute and have to say I’m really enjoying the series. My time in the Marine corps helps me to appreciate certain nuances you’ve added.
    I started this series after reading the French executioner and blood ties.
    So I’m wondering if there is a way to get an autographed copy of the Absolute series?
    Thank you for the outstanding reading material
    ~Semper Fi~

  11. Dear Chris,

    I really enjoyed reading for you with Dave today – and I’m so sorry the dates clash on Thurs 28th.

    I hope we can keep in touch. I’m at http://www.rosadler.com

    All the best, Ros 07771 714 762

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