8 Responses to Books

  1. Dear Sir, I have just ordered ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ and was wondering if there was any book’s in order ie, trilogy’s of the like? I do like to read book’s in order of. Or, do you have any suggestions? Thank You.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Reverend David J Grew

  2. Jayne Arnett says:

    I am currently reading The French Executioner and I cannot put it down!! the book calls me,…!! it is fantastic!! I have just finished a back to nursing course at university and have read nothing but medical and nursing books therefore I was longing to find a good novel to read.Your novel is outstanding.kind regards Jayne Arnett

  3. terri whitlatch says:

    I love the Jack Absolute books. When will the 4th book come out?

    • Oh I so wish I could tell you! My publishers sent me off on a medieval track which I am just exploring my way out of. I’m up to 1665! (My latest, Plague, and it does have an Absolute in it – Jack’s great grandmother) I would love to get back to Jack and Ate. Soon I hope – but maybe not soon enough for either of us, Terri!

  4. Amy Miller says:

    Is Jean Rombaud from French Executioner the actual name of Anne Boleyn’s executioner or is he just the name that you gave to the character?

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