My First Post

Here it is  – my very first post at my new website.

This photo shows the pain I have gone through to get here! However, now I am up and running (well, hobbling!) I hope that I will keep at it.

Meantime, during this set up phase, bear with me – and y’all come back soon, ya hear!

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2 Responses to My First Post

  1. Ramiz Abay says:

    Hello Mr. Humphreys,
    I’ve just finished (breathless) your novel of P.C. Armageddon(Turkish edition)
    I also have read many of comments, including your lessons to new writers.
    As I dared to start writing last year, Your advices are (and will be) so valuable to me.
    (Mine is intended to be a historical novel but not as old as yours. It goes only 100 years ago, but with most of real characters, and real strories.)
    So, like many other novels, I read Armageddon not only to read but also to learn how to make descriptions. I must say that I am impessed more by the Biritish and American novels than eastern. And I confess that I occasionally steal something from each.
    I have nothing to criticize in your novel and I could not dare even if I had.
    But as an experted sailor, I feel responsible to correct some of your knowledge of our waters.
    I am a retired Navy Officer and sailed to most parts of Mediterranean. I was also lucky enough to travel to London, Portsmouth, and to many US States, particularly to New England where the coastal life can not be imagined without tidal movements (floods, ebbs and tidal currents).
    However, it is a totally strange reality to Mediterranean coasts at least in the eastern part. It is not something totally impossible but when the waters rise 50 cm.s people run away from the coast in belief of an approaching disaster :).
    In Adriatic Sea (Corcula) the water level may rarely change. But here in Istanbul, it happens only with strong winds. And it is never considerable for sailing.
    I don’t know how many more Turkish sailors will read your novel and how many of them will be so attentive as I was. But I would recommend you to correct the relevant passages in your (wishfully) new editions.
    As for your adventure with the boys,near the walls, it has ashamed me. Not only because they were my citizens, but because I was not there.
    If you dare to come here third time, I will be more than happy to guide and guard you (just as Gregoras guarded the Emperor Constantine) against crazy Turks.
    You will probably sign my copy of your book in exchange.

    My best regards,
    Ramiz Abay

    • Dear Mr Abay,

      Thank you so much for your comments and kindness. I have ‘approved’ your reply because I want my readers to know how ashamed I am about getting such a fact as tides wrong! Not being a sailor it never occured to me, of course. I am usually pretty good with facts but that was a big error. It was pointed out once before, and I managed to change both references in the US editions. I shall definitely strive to change it for future editions in other languages too.
      As to guarding me on the walls, I shall certainly accept your kind offer if the occasion arises. But do keep an eye on my website, especially ‘Appearances’. I am coming to Istanbul for the Book Fair and will be doing an event at an Istanbul cafe, around November 23rd or 24th. Please come, I can sign your book and it will be a pleasure to meet you.
      Good luck with your writing.

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