Fiddling about…

So my son – aged 8 – is in Improv camp. He is spending quite a lot of time working with a neutral mask, which is improving his already developed deadpan qualities.

Being a South Islander, I have to drive North to get him to class. Twice a day. It’s only 20 minutes door to door but that’s way more driving than I am used to these days. So today I decided to stay in town, go the gym, fix my website and rant at Facebook. My new Public page has not appeared and if people search for me they go to a page created by god knows who, who reprinted the wikipedia article on me which claims I am related to Bob Mason!


Ok, now I am ranting at you my faithful blog reader. (You have to have deep faith to have kept following my intermittent blogging!) But if anyone out there not only feels my pain but can advise me – Technophobe Man! – I would be most grateful.

Meantime I am fitter – and healthier having eaten a heirloom tomato and goat cheese salad. Ah, Salt Spring!

Must do this commuting thing more often

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