Where I write

Here we are, at my desk.

The Cat’s called Dickon. I am generally referred to as ‘Please Sir’ (if its my 8 year old addressing me), ‘Spouse’ (if spouse brings me tea) and ‘You owe me money’ by most others.

They visit me in my hut. If hut is not too small a word for the cedar octagon you see me in here. We moved to Salt Spring Island about six months ago. The realtor said, ‘Oh, I have the place for you’. The house is lovely, in a forest, with glimpses of Fulford fjord. But the studio! Artist-made for an artist, stained glass, copper flashing, a stove. In winter, I chop wood, make a fire, grab a vat of coffee. My desk is right in the centre, under a long, woven lampshade – the point where the energy pours down. I look out through huge windows at deer grazing and several of my three hundred Douglas Fir or Maple. Other writers say rude things to me.

My chair is ergonomic and just uncomfortable enough to keep me awake – I can’t read in bed or anything with padding. My desk is awash with whatever I am working on.

I sit in my leather recliner (Spouse does not like me calling it a Lazy Boy) and sometimes just stare. I always dreamed of a place of my own to write in. I thought it would be a cramped, semi converted tool shed. This feels epic and intimate at the same time.

Bit like my books?

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3 Responses to Where I write

  1. Joe Beernink says:

    Hey Chris… One thing you might want to do is to have WordPress automatically send a message to your Twitter feed when you post a blog. I have my WordPress page update both my Facebook author page and my twitter timeline to let people know when there is something new on the blog. Retweets get me a lot of traffic. If you need help with that, let me know. I should have some time next week.

    Also, I saw your comment regarding A Place Called Armageddon, and my quote on the back (though I can’t find that comment thread now). Can you let me know what the quote is, so I can let my agent (Sally Harding) know? I can DM you my email on Twitter if you follow me.

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