Where I write 2

It’s not all idyll, my hut amidst the trees. This is my rear view. An outhouse, or Dunny, as the Aussies have it. It can be a dangerous place too. Just yesterday I strimmed the forest of nettles. I wore goggles and earmuffs but one bit back and stung me on the neck. And you’ll notice I am hefting an axe. Well, there have been sightings. There’s a cougar on island. A bear. As for the shepherd’s crook? Well, I hear sheep most days. Maybe one will wander over and I can jerk it out of a hedge.

If you click on the photo above you’ll go to the fantastic photographer’s blog. Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is a genius of the lens – it was he who took the photo that greets you, with sword, on my welcome page. He who chose this location on my lovely land, and demanded props. The click will also led you to the article I wrote at the time, and a better version of the shot. (The article, on re-reading, is as strange as when I wrote it.

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