Break out the champagne

So this has been bubbling under for a while and I’ve had to keep it quiet. But since this was announced today on The Bookseller website…


25.07.12 | Charlotte Williams

‘Century and Arrow has acquired two historical novels by C C Humphreys, from Simon Trewin at WME. Both are set in London during the reign of Charles II, with the author moving from Orion.

Publisher Selina Walker has bought British Commonwealth rights, including Canada, in the titles, and plans to publish the first novel, Plague, in 2014.

Plague, and the second book, Fire, follow the adventures of four characters—a highwayman, a thief-taker, a murderer and an actress—as they struggle to survive the two years, 1665 and 1666, when the bubonic plague and then the Great Fire of London swept the city.

Walker said: “These are high-concept, epic thrillers set against a backdrop many of us will be familiar with. They will totally play to C C Humphreys’ strengths as a creator of dramatic stories and unforgettable characters.”

Humphreys’ novel ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ is published next spring by Orion.’

This is tremendously exciting for me. I have already written for the Random House imprint Knopf in the US (my YA novels). But to be doing my adult historical fiction for Random House in the UK and Canada is a total thrill.

I will be blogging about the whys and wheretofores in the coming weeks. Its a bit of an epic tale in itself.

Phew! And… hurrah!




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1 Response to Break out the champagne

  1. Aja says:

    This is wonderful news! I’m so excited! Congratulations!

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