Mr Humphreys goes on Virtual Walkabout… in his dressing gown

Well, here’s a first in a writing career: today I begin a BLOG TOUR!

’tis the modern Way. Those who know me know that I am more comfortable with quill and parchment (My son and wife mock me when I tell them I learned to write at my English prep school in true Dickensian fashion, by dipping a nib in an ink well). But actually this is all rather exciting. From the comfort of my home – I am in my dressing gown as I write  (an image you may or may not wish to have in your heads) my always immaculate and photo-shopped self goes ‘on the road’. Each day I stop off at a new and influential blog, sometimes answering questions, sometimes posting, all in the cause of promoting my latest novel ‘A Place Called Armageddon‘ to the citizens of America.

It is, of course, shameless hucksterism – ‘Please buy my book!’ – but it is also a chance to meet a whole new slew of readers who might not otherwise find my works and might actually enjoy them. I also get to go into more depth on various aspects of my craft, my business life and, especially, the book itself. A novel is made up of so many intricate and often tiny pieces, it is always a pleasure to look at one more closely, to explore it – it helps me focus on what it is I do, which sometimes can appear quite blurry.

The other thing I get to do is tell stories – which is, after all, what I do. So many stories of research, of musing, of the business can’t, of necessity, make it into the work itself. So I can tell the other tales of life ‘on the road’ – the real one this time – some of the adventures I had there, some of the people I met.

So, without further ado, here’s stop one: at the blog of the super smart agent, and all round lovely person, Andrea Hurst.

Visit me there, and hang out. Check in very few days to see where I am next. Really, I promise not to post any photos of me in my dressing gown.

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