Author Readings… Once more unto the breach!

‘ere we go again… I am on the ferry. Tomorrow I fly to Denver, there to appear (Monday 730pm) at Tattered Cover, a well known bookstore.

After last week’s post describing the debacle of my appearances in Seattle – three readings/workshops, one copy sold – you may be surprised to read that I am on the road again. I did indeed have a mini tantrum, emailed my publicist to say that I wasn’t going. But diva-ness had no effect. Said publicist together with editor and Indie sales director conspired in a conference call to persuade me otherwise. And though they refused my invitation to sing ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ in the style of the Go Go’s (I suspect they were toddlers in the early 80’s) they did convince me that I had to honour my commitment. “It’s a top Indie, they get a crowd,” they said. “Its building a relationship for the future.”

Leaving aside the question of any future where I sell one book over three events, I acquiesced. A few plusses: I have never been there. I understand they have good beer. They are also, according to the radio, about to pass a legalize cannabis initiative, which implies a degree of use. (I am not sure what sort of effect that will have on my attendance. “Dude! You wanna go listen to this English dude rave about the use of the falchion in close combat?”) Oh, and the first Presidential debate happens in Denver two days after I appear. Perhaps people will confuse the two events and think that ‘A Place Called Armageddon’ is the title of the Obama-Romney showdown. A sort of ‘Rumble in the Peaks’. I’ll happily take the spillover and any endorsement for the book. (Or I could just make some up: “So good, so profound.” – Barack Obama. “A hideous attack on our nation’s morals.” Mitt Romney)

Whatever, as my eight year old would say. Denver, I am coming your way. Don’t you disappoint me now, ya hear.

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