Author Readings Part Four – Run away!

So I went unto the breach… and it was largely empty.

It all depends on how you regard it, I suppose. There were double the amount of people at Tattered Cover in Denver yesterday, than at Elliot Bay, Seattle, last week. Which makes ten. And I sold double the number of ‘A Place Called Armageddon’. Which makes two.

Sigh. I did try not to go, but was persuaded otherwise. I certainly got on well with the staff, which helps. Pat shared horror stories to console me: Johnny Cash’s daughter drew three people. A NYT Bestselling Author, on the list at that time drew the Big Zero. And I grasped at the straws I was given. Also I do believe you can make a difference to only one person. So one of my sales was to a young lady, Rawha, and her friend, Summer, who’d I’d shamelessly approached in the store cafe and begged to swell my numbers. There was also a man there, a geniune fan, who has signed editions of all my novels, bar the one I signed for him yesterday – Blood Ties. So all was not lost. However, unless Petaluma in California surprises me mightily next week, and Portland OR the following Sunday, or unless true fame beckons somewhere down the road… I believe that for me, the war is over. Book store touring is done.

Unless… well, California is the land of opportunity, right?






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