New Year Overload

I blame the man on the book shelf.

IMG_0541Bleedin’ Shakespeare! He’s sucked away large portions of my life: Obsession ain’t in it! He has made me neglect my wife, my child, my raking, my stamp collection… and especially my blogging. Look, its been months since last I posted, and all because this Bard bloke has dominated all.

Well, the next novel, SHAKESPEARE’S REBEL, is now DONE. I have edited my last… and my last came very late when I thought it had already gone to press and a friend pointed out that I had made a dreadful error: I had Romeo stabbing himself not drinking poison. (I always have got confused in that blinking Capulet tomb!) Fortunately I saved myself a flaying by Bard scholars everywhere. Though I am already laying my bosom bare by making him a major character and – Lorks! – putting words into his mouth.

S’only fair! he’s put words into mine for years.

Anyway, this is my pathetic attempt to excuse my lack of blogging. Some blame laziness. Some Angry Birds. I blame WS.

I will try to blog better (and grammar better too) in 2013. Not that life is going to get much easier, what with this coming out in the UK in March, Canada in June, and JACK ABSOLUTE  in the States in the Summer. Plus there is the little matter of ‘Plague’ to begin writing.

Ah well! There is a tide in the affairs of man which taken at the flood… and all that.

Have a FANTASTIC year, my faithful (small) cohort of blog readers. I will try to be there for you more often, now Bill is behind me.


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1 Response to New Year Overload

  1. Allan Eastman says:

    get to work!

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