The New Novel Cometh!

It’s not every day you can title a blog that. But since I have written 12 novels in 12 years I suppose it averages out at one day every 365.

It’s not out yet – but oh so soon! I can’t tell you how excited I am. Even more so? Maybe. The novel that began in an art gallery and a flash of salty inspiration – “Hamlet and swords, for f***’s sake! Hamlet and swords!” – will soon be on your shelves, your Koboes and Kindles.

Here’s some stuff about it (including the snazzy cover as designed by my first and favourite cover designer the ever brilliant Henry Steadman):

SHAKESPEARE'S REBEL 3bIt will be available in the UK in March 2013,  Canada June 2013 and the US… to be determined! But it has just been bought by my great publishers, Sourcebooks.

And the tale? Its only about William Shakespeare’s Fight Choreographer!

London 1599, a city on the brink of revolution…

He is Queen Elizabeth’s last, perhaps her greatest, love – Robert Deveraux, Earl of Essex. Champion jouster, dashing general…and the man that John Lawley, England’s finest swordsman, most wishes to avoid. For John knows the other earl – the reckless melancholic – and has had to risk his life for him in battle one time too many.

All John wants is to be left alone to win back the heart of the woman he loves, be the kind of father that his son can look up to, and arrange the fight scenes for the magnificent new theatre, the Globe. To realise these dreams, John must dodge both Essex and his ruthless adversary for the queen’s affections, Robert Cecil, and remain free to help his oldest friend Will Shakespeare finish the play that threatens to destroy him: THE TRAGEDY OF HAMLET.

But John is doomed by his three devils: whisky, women and Mad Robbie Deveraux. Despite every effort to evade the clutches of Elizabeth and her cohorts, John is soon enmeshed in the intrigues of court and dragged into the seemingly hopeless war in Ireland, forced to play his part in a deadly game of power and politics, conspiracy and rebellion.

From the scaffold of the Globe to the one in the Tower. From ambush in Ireland to even greater menace in Whitehall, John Lawley must strive to be – or not to be – the man who might just save England.

To preorder:

And for those anywhere in Western Canada keep July 22nd 2013 free. Because we are going to launch the book at Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach Festival with a night of WORDS AND SWORDS!

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