The New Novel: Shakespeare’s Rebel

HOT OFF THE PRESS! UK launch of the new novel: March 14th

It has arrived! I don’t think this moment ever gets tired. Novel Number Twelve and I am as excited as I was for Number One!


Perhaps its the subject matter. In some ways this was the novel I was born to write. It combines so many of my loves. As I wrote in my moleskine notebook the moment the idea arrived (which is why I must always have that notebook about my person):

“Hamlet and swords, for f***’s sake! Hamlet and swords!”

It was such a joy to write. Writing tip: never has the injunction: ‘Write what you love’ been so sharply followed! A friend commented that never has the term ‘rollicking‘ been so apt for me. Yet, as Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novels Society, said (after first describing it as ‘lewd, debauched and pungent on the one hand’)it is also: “…  genuinely romantic, honourable and deeply felt on the other.”

By the way, I’m considering: ‘Lewd, debauched and pungent’ for my tombstone!

The book vibrates with my passions. And I get to do what most novelist/history nuts dream of but rarely achieve: to set my Time machine’s dial for the exact date, time and place I would most want to go – the Globe Theatre, Southwark, that afternoon in 1601, when Shakespeare’s new tragedy Hamlet was performed for the first time – and changed literature forever!

Hope my UK followers will hie thee to a bookstore this week and purchase. For those in Canada, that time will be in June. For thee in the States, fear not… it will be coming soon from Sourcebooks!

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2 Responses to The New Novel: Shakespeare’s Rebel

  1. Margie mcLaughlin says:

    Oh please bring Shakespear’s Rebel to the US soon! To my Kindle ASAP!

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