Swords and Words – ‘Rebel’ launches in Vancouver

OMG, I have unleashed a monster! This is what comes of having a few beers with an old friend – Christopher Gaze –  who also happens to be Artistic Director of one of North America’s top open air Shakespeare Festivals.

SHAKESPEARE'S REBEL 3bSo now Bard On The Beach, together with the brilliant martial arts school, Academie Duello, and, well, me, will be putting on a night of swords and words at Bard’s famous tent in Vanier Park, Vancouver, July 22nd. Fights dramatized from the book, readings, analyses of both how fights work, and why they were so important to Shakespeare’s audiences. Should be a great night – once I’ve got past the terror! Because I am not merely the wordsmith. I shall be fighting, as the character I created, John Lawley. Now, if only I could find my broadsword!

Anyway, here are the details. Come if you can!


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3 Responses to Swords and Words – ‘Rebel’ launches in Vancouver

  1. d says:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with http://www.stratfordfestival.ca/ but since you’ll already be in Canada, perhaps a similar event? ;-D

  2. Denise Ferrari says:

    Like a kid in a candy shop, huh? How very exciting for you!

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