Author Buys Sword – Hurrah!

I am so excited! I was like a kid in the proverbial candy store, cruising the great website of Darkwood Armory

Because I’d decided that I was going to treat myself to a true fighting sword – an English Basket Hilt Backsword, no less, such as my hero from SHAKESPEARE’S REBEL - John Lawley – would have wielded in 1600. The very sword I shall be wielding at the Canadian launch for the book (as I mentioned yesterday) at BARD ON THE BEACH Vancouver on July 22nd.

This is it – or a part of it anyway.

English Basket Hilt Backsword, circa 1600

English Basket Hilt Backsword, circa 1600

Though I’ve decided, quite unlike my plain speaking hero, to gussy it up a bit. I shall have a crimson grip. I shall wear oxblood calf skin gloves.

Well, how often do I get to throw my dodgy lower limbs around a stage these days clutching bladed weaponry?

Might as well go for it, eh!

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2 Responses to Author Buys Sword – Hurrah!

  1. Justin says:

    Darkwood is awesome. I had them make me a custom Spanish Bilbao rapier and dagger set that I use for historical fencing. Looks just like the one Viggo Mortensen uses in ‘Alatriste.’

    Btw, just stumbled across this blog/you via CW Gortner and I’m stoked that there’s someone else out there writing historical adventure. Its an awesome genre but one that doesn’t have a ton of writers being published in (or as much as I’d like to see anyways). :)

    • C. C. Humphreys says:

      Ah, the Bilbo blade! Wonderful. And love that film.
      So glad you are keen on all things historical. We few must stick together.

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