Terror of Number 13

Really, I have to get over this. And truly I wasn’t frightened… until the moment when I actually wrote ‘The End’ on the first draft today. Then suddenly the number 13 began to concern me.

Why 13? Is it the number of the coven, the witchcraft connection? I’ve always liked witches. But no… research tells me different. Apparently I am not alone. Apparently I am one of many suffering from… Triskaidekaphobia!!!

I can barely say it, so how can I suffer from it? OK, I know that’s not a good argument but really… I suffer because there were 13 at The Last Supper and one of them betrayed the saviour? I suffer because the Templars were ordered arrested on Friday 13th?

No, I know why I suffer. Its because like all authors I feel essentially out of control of the whole process and fear it collapsing like a wormhole in space at any moment.

Now there’s a thing to fear: wormhole collapse. Should take my mind off the fact that I’ve finished the first draft of my…. duh duh duhhhhh!!! THIRTEENTH NOVEL!










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