The End of the (Beer) Road

So here it is, the last dispatch from my Books and Brews tour.

The Beer Tuns, Terrapin Brewery, Athens, Georgia

The Beer Tuns, Terrapin Brewery, Athens, Georgia

What better way to conclude than with a photo of what made it all possible.

It was a great trip. Met so many fantastic new people, reacquainted myself with many friends, ate great food, drank great beer. No longer will I let Jack Absolute joke about the appalling state of American beer. The variety, the care! I finished at the Vios Cafe and Pub, hosted by Third Place Books in Seattle, with a Russian Imperial Stout that will long haunt me.

Thanks to all who followed me on my Beer Odyssey. Thanks for all my hosts who let me drink for free while doing what I love to do best – talking about and reading from my work. Once again I proved to myself that I write to be read aloud.

Now my life goes crazy again. I start filming ‘Meaghan and Reilly’ on Tuesday as an oft drunk Brit Diplomat. Then its lots of sword fighting to prepare for the launch of ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ at Bard on the Beach, Vancouver, on July 22nd. Plus I now really really want to get going on the sequel to ‘Jack Absolute’. I’d forgotten what fun he was and there seems to be a thirst.

And speaking of thirst… hic!

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