On location

This is a fine way to earn a part of a living- hanging out on a beautiful motor yacht, the 1930’s built Taconite. Absolutely state of the luxury art, all brass and polished wood, plush staterooms, tiled bathrooms, superb lounges. And these engines? Endlessly curious as I am, I chatted with Jim, the engineer, and got a private tour.
Must say, such a gig has given me the taste again. Still need to write mainly, but would not mind doing a bit more acting. Brits and Eurotrash, I told my agent. Useful little niche. Especially if I can work on locations like this!


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1 Response to On location

  1. Denise Ferrari says:

    I’m not surprised that you’ve got the acting bug again, you seemed to immensely enjoy your ‘role’ in Surrey’s Shock Theatre last year! I took a look at the list of presenters for the 2013 Surrey writer’s conference and didn’t see you name – is that so? Darn shame, it that’s the case (a disappointment to me, at least!).

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