Lost in Editing – An Author peeks out!

IMG_1188Here’s me, delivering the manuscript of ‘Plague’ to my editor, the wonderful Nita Provonost, in her office at Random House in Toronto. This was in June, and the reason why I have been so rarely glimpsed in posts since then is that Nita sent it back to me two weeks ago, with notes. Once I get those I hide in my hut and only emerge to gnaw the odd bone. I love this stage, the tweaking, the enhancing, especially when the notes are as spot on as hers. But my obsession means my own family rarely see me – so anyone following my blog loses sight of me too. Nearly done though. One more week and I can leave the hut. And make a few more entries here.

For those who don’t know, I have moved to Random House for my next two books – and hopefully many more. ‘Plague’ and ‘Fire’ are a pair of thrillers – religious fundamentalist serial killer stories set against two of the most devastating events of English history: the Great Plague and Great Fire of London 1665-1666. I am having a total blast writing them. ‘Plague’ will be published in the UK and Canada in July 2104.

Here’s something from the Daily Telegraph UK this week – the houses that survived the Great Fire and still stand. I want to visit every one!


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