Swords and Words in Toronto!

Author in ruff holding forth!

Author in ruff holding forth!

I think this is going to be great fun!

Huzzah! I am appearing at two libraries in Toronto this coming week:

On Oct 29  12:30 pm – Northern District Public Library (Yonge and Eglinton).

This will be a solo author talk and reading. If you want to get in depth with me and ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ – not to mention seeing  me in a ruff! – you should come to this one.

On Oct 30 6:30 pm – at North York Central Library (Yonge and Sheppard). This is with Christian Cameron, the author of the wonderful ‘The Ill Made Knight’, a terrific blood and guts tale of the Hundred Years’ Wars. This event will also include a sword fighting demo as we discuss how we incorporated our passions into our books. Let the blades fly!


And in breaking news, after Toronto I am flying to London, UK, to record the audio book of ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’. So for those who want to hear my words in my sometimes dulcet tones, watch this space for news of publication.

Hope to see  you in Toronto!

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One Response to Swords and Words in Toronto!

  1. Denise Ferrari says:

    I saw that you were called to Surrey to fill in for someone stuck in bad weather. I had my eyes peeled hoping to see you, but no! Hope you enjoyed your visit and helped some budding writers with their projects. Maybe next year, eh??

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