Toronto sword fights

Great couple of events in Toronto, at the libraries. First one, solo, second with the mighty (and fully armoured) Christian Cameron where he held off gutting me as we exchanged gentle blows. All to talk about SHAKESPEARE’S REBEL and his terrific novel of the Hundred Years War, THE ILL MADE KNIGHT.

Very Canadian EH?

Very Canadian EH?

Also had great encounters – with an old actor friend from New York, Bruce Winant. My old director chum, Allan Eastman. And some drinking with wonderful actor John Hurt who I appeared with in ‘Scandal’ 25 years ago. He told some great, indiscreet stories – my god, the man’s worked with everyone! And we had a wonderfully heated exchange on Shakespeare. He’s an Oxfordian and I am definitely not!

Now London. here I am, about to go off and wine/dine with terrific agent Simon Trewin and wonderful publisher, Selina Walker. I know it seems like ceaseless drinking – it is! – but I am here to work. Monday I start in the studio to record the audio book of  SHAKESPEARE’S REBEL

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One Response to Toronto sword fights

  1. Vicki B says:

    I don’t get many audio books, but if you are doing the audio version, I’ll double up and get it as well as the hard copy. Luck to you and every success with Shakespeare’s Rebel. It was lovely to see and listen to you at SiWC

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