Haircut 100 – Ah, the Early 80’s!

I haven’t got an exact date on this photo. Clues – length of hair and the style of leather jacket point to 1981 or so.

Working so hard to be cool!

Working so hard to be cool!

The jacket was actor’s booty – bought for half price after a shoot. It was my first big TV lead, a thriller for Granada TV, shot in Manchester, called ‘McBride Reading Crime’. My first title role too – I was McBride, a very cocky student who seizes on a boffin friend’s idle plan – to simultaneously hit an art gallery and do a drugs heist. Unfortunately he hires muscle from the local mob… Reece Dinsdale was my sidekick, Lynsey Baxter my former girlfriend. A big kick was working with the wonderful Irish actor Ray McNally – remember him as the Cardinal in ‘The Mission’? I was quite inexperienced at the time and he helped me relax and truly listen.

The Daily Mirror liked me though I think I was pretty posy. Acting ‘hard’. Didn’t have the experience. I would learn the craft of film acting two years later on ‘AD – Anno Domini’ – a story and photos for another post.

But the hair? Blimey! And that’s a natural curl too! The only think I’d just begun to do then was to put flying colours in – the blonde of my youth was vanishing. Now such hair as I have is dark brown. What’s that about?

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