Kind words on The French Executioner!

UScoverHad some rather nice reviews in the US for my first love, my first novel, The French Executioner, at last out there.

Publishers’ Weekly

Humphreys (Jack Absolute) breathes life into 16th century Europe with this fascinating tale of adventure and mystery as Anne Boleyn’s executioner must fulfill his promise to the queen who has been marked for death. Executioner Jean Rombaud didn’t expect Anne Boleyn to have ask for anything from him when he was summoned to England to execute her, but when Anne requests that he bury her six-fingered hand at a sacred crossroads in France, he agrees. There are others who believe in the magical powers of that hand and will do everything in their power to keep Rombaud from getting the hand. As he journeys to the destination, he becomes a prisoner on a ship, where he makes the acquaintance of two friends who assist him in his task. Humphreys has creatively combined historical fact with mystical fiction: the severed hand seems to have a life of its own and causes irrational behavior in those seeking it. Humphreys’s characters are well drawn and deeply empathetic, and Rombaud’s mission remains entertaining throughout. Agent: Jessica Purdue, Orion Publishing Group. (Oct.)

Two other trade reviews:

“Set against the backdrop of the Protestant Reformation, his superbloody Princess Bride-like adventure is, at its heart, a tale of redemption, well earned and hard-won.” – Library Journal

“This unusual tale conjures visions of an Errol Flynn-type Hollywood swashbuckler…the tale’s well-told, engagingly written, and includes a colorful immersion into a time when life was cheap and danger or death literally waited around every corner. A gory but fascinating…look at the world in the early 16th century.” – Kirkus

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2 Responses to Kind words on The French Executioner!

  1. Denise says:

    ‘The French Executioner’ was my first sampling of your talents! Today I bought ‘Plague’ and I’m looking forward to delving into it. I was at SIWC last weekend and missed seeing you. Maybe next year you will join the conference?

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