Shakespeare’s Rebel – The Play!

Tis true! My novel has become a play of the same title.

ActualcoverSHAKESPEARE’S REBEL opens at the amazing Bard on the Beach theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 12th 2015.

So John Lawley – sometime actor, brilliant swordsman, occasional drunk and William Shakespeare’s oldest friend is taking to the stage. It’s a comedy of players, a drama of Elizabethan politics, a romance of queen and noble, of landlady and drunkard. And its going to have great swordfights!

You can read more HERE. Better still, come on down!

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3 Responses to Shakespeare’s Rebel – The Play!

  1. My husband and I were discussing this show last week, with the agreement that THIS will be the production to actually get us to Bard on the Beach (we’ve discussed it for years, but never gotten there). He was wondering whether or not you will be taking a role in the production? I said I’d ask you! I have a birthday the first week of the production and our anniversary is the following week, so here’s to celebrating with bawdy John Lawley! 🙂

  2. Great timing. I’m reading “Shakespeare’s Rebel” right now.

  3. dianne budd says:

    This isn’t a reply to the post above – i just wanted to say how excited i am to have won a copy of “The Curse of Anne Bolelyn” on Goodreads’ giveaway! It will leap to the front of the list (of To Reads) as soon as it arrives!
    Why aren’t you a Goodreads author? It really is a wonderful website for bookophilics.

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