Dracula in Serbia: New readers react to ‘Vlad: The Last Confession’

It is always a thrill for me to gain new fans. To find that a novel of mine has reached another readership. I always say that I am not writing for some anonymous market but for one reader at a time.

VLAD THE LAST CONFESSION (Click on title for link to page) has now been published in Serbian and here are some of those readers’ reactions.

Serbian magazine

(This ad for an interview  appeared this week in the magazine, Večernje Novosti)




“In one word – fascinating! Masterfully narrated, an absorbing novel, every page brings new excitement, even to those who already know how the story ends. This is an excellent historical novel, firmly based on historical facts, and then again, so wonderfully imaginative and fantastic! I highly recommend it, you won’t regret it!” (Reader A)

“For a long period of time we’ve been mislead about this count, who really isn’t a count, and about a vampire who really isn’t a vampire. I read a lot, devour books, but no book has left such an impression as this one. Exciting, shocking, enlightening… I am fascinated by the writer’s skill to intertwine historical facts with imagination. There isn’t a single page in this book that is slow or boring, while you are reading it you can imagine everything that is written. This is a MUST READ, I highly recommend it!” (Reader B)

“Thrilled, shocked and content! The feelings left after reading this masterpiece. This is a genuine historical novel worth every second you spend reading it. It is truly gripping. Vlad Dracula’s character has been carried out perfectly. Fast-paced, a delight, even in the most brutal parts of the novel. There are not enough words to describe this book…every page of it is in fact, its best and most positive review. The book “Vlad” is my “Bible” of books of this genre.”  (Reader C)

And, as thrilling, the Serbian translator of my books, Nenad Dropulić, is, according to my editor there, ‘fascinated by the accuracy of historical facts in your books, and that he didn’t find a single mistake while translating. He is a historian by profession, and he was really pleasantly surprised, and complimented the effort you had put in research before writing.’

Phew! Got away with it again!

So greetings to all my new ‘friends’ in Serbia. (And I apologize for the impalement scene!)

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5 Responses to Dracula in Serbia: New readers react to ‘Vlad: The Last Confession’

  1. Vedran says:

    I was expecting something like this,It was a matter of time. :))

  2. vlad says:

    Great book. One of my favourite books.

    rom Serbia.

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