Smuggler. Smoker. Aviatrix. Thief: The double life of Roxy Loewen. (It’s a publishing thing!)

The Double Life of

Roxy Loewen


C C Humphreys




See those Dames above? Except they ain’t… dames. She’s one dame. Cleaned up nice… or taking to the skies.

Which one do you prefer?

I like ’em both. The one on the left has class, she can wear bias cut and pearls, put cherry stain on her lips, and infiltrate highest society where the bad guys tend to be. The other is tough, you don’t wear make up or dresses at Angels 1-5.

Ok, enough of the wise guy talk! Though since I’ve lived with Roxy for a while now, she’s kind of rubbed off on me. Wise-cracking-wise anyways. At least I haven’t taken up smoking. Though, considering all that she’s cost me in recent months, in time and understanding, I’m kinda surprised I don’t have those yellow nicotine-stained fingers.

Because the two covers above represent a lot of effort. The writing went into the first one, the glam one. To be published next week by Doubleday… but only in Canada. So I transferred that writing into the second one – Roxy with Moxie – and then have spent the last four months at Indie U … learning how to self-publish.

Phew! What a journey! And not over yet – we’ll see if my efforts will be rewarded on June 5th and the days thereafter.

The reason for this double life – Roxy’s and mine? Depends how much you believe the reasons editors find to turn books down. They range from a) Penguin Random House can’t buy in the USA if Canada is pre-sold, to b) The English don’t like American heroines to z) Historical fiction is on the decline – ‘Now, if Roxy was the girl next door on a train in Cabin 10…’

I’d been wanting to try the Indie route for a while and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity – I get control of things like the cover, the publication date, the advertising and promo, the price. Yet I am backed up by the wonderful editing and publishing machine of my people in Toronto. The two – Indie and Trad – can feed off each other – I hope. I have become – or will after next week – a Hybrid author.

The learning curve has been steep – but I have had so much help from every side. From Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Indie author and former guru of Kobo Writing Life. ( From Jonas Saul, ( the bestselling author, who sold gazillions Indie and has now been part absorbed by Trad – but only on his terms! From Crystal Stranaghan ( And Art Slade ( who began this journey about two years ago and has shared every bump in the road with me. (Click on names to visit them. It’s so worth it!)

I am obviously hoping for the book to work in both trad and indie arenas. The trick of course is getting noticed because there are so many people doing it. My advantage, I suppose, is that I have a reasonable fan base already. As well, this is a book that has had to pass the rigourous standards at Doubleday, one of the best and oldest houses in the world. If people discover it, I believe most will like it.

Like her: Roxy. She’s quite the dame – in bias cut or overalls – as the Nazis are about to find out.

I’ll be back with updates soon.

(I’m warming the engine. Chocks are away on June 5th, 12:01 AM. But if you are keen for the head start you can pre-order the book here:


Rest of the World – Your Kindle store. The ASIN is


(WordPress playing up: you’ll have to cut and paste or search ‘Chasing the Wind C C Humphreys)

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