Sidney Lit Fest, near Victoria, BC, Canada

12th and 13th: Readings and chats


12th to 15th:

PNWA – Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference. Seattle, Washington, USA.


Historical Writers of America, Williamsburg VA USA

10th to 13th

25th t0 27th

Surrey International Writers Conference, Surrey BC Canada

Classes and, of course… Shock Theatre!


12 Responses to Appearances

  1. pwlibrarymonitors says:

    Hello – any chance you visit us at Prince of Wales Mini school this fall? The grade 8s are studying “The Fetch”. Thanks, Ms. Allison Brett, September 12, 2012.

  2. Laurel Boyle says:

    Hello! I am a Canadian living in Istanbul and would so love to come and hear you read from your new book. Do you have any details about the venue and time? Many thanks ~ Laurel Boyle

    • C. C. Humphreys says:

      Alas, Laura, my reading event got cancelled. But you could come and meet me on the Inkilap stand at the Book Fair? I will be there Saturday and Sunday from 1pm.

  3. Laurel Boyle says:

    Oh no! I really am sorry to hear that. I am new to Istanbul and not sure where the book fair is held, but I am sure one of my Turkish friends will know as it is a huge event. Will there be English copies of the book available? I would love to get one for my daughter who is taking a course in Byzantine history at university in Alberta. We both loved “The French Executioner” 🙂 ~ Laurel

  4. Christian Miller says:

    Dear Mr Humphreys,
    Would Love to see you come to the Saint Louis MO USA on your tour. You see I have finished your Semi -bibliography of Vlad Telescope and am in awe! Suberbly done sir! Being a self taught student if Military History as well as a U.S. soldier for 6 years I found myself drawn back to reflections and horror’s thought forgotten. Or at least locked in the cabinet of my Psyche. I have given many people the title and your name as the next must read on their list. I have always admired the Prince for his military forth right. But never has his stirs of living been told so vividly..
    I only wish to give you my deepest respect for allowing all readers to understand this man in
    in a more fluid and blunt picture. I thank you!

    • C. C. Humphreys says:

      Christian, thanks so much. So pleased you enjoyed this dark tale. Despite it all, people seems to relate to Vlad and his struggles. If you like the military stuff, you should try ‘A Place Called Armageddon’ too. Cheers!

  5. Christian Miller says:

    To be exact I am currently on page 142, again an exemplary story on war and the people who partake in its theater of macabre performances. Only regrets is did not learn of you before now, incredible writing. Ah but the bitter sweetness of it all is that I can enjoy your tales now! Please try an area of feudal Japan. Only if you find yourself at a loss for topics.
    Thank you!

  6. Sandi Wingrove says:

    So, I was at Northern District Library yesterday, one of a delighted group who listened to you read and declaim, Shakespeare, and Hamlet in particular. I am now convinced that, even though I love to read aloud and am told I do so reasonably well, I must take acting lessons before I go on a book tour, should my own writing ever get that far.
    I am sorry that I won’t be at North York Central tonight to see you swash your buckler.
    I came away from Northern District with a borrowed copy of “A Place Called Armageddon”. I am excited by your opening chapter and will use it as an example of tension building for myself from now on.
    Thank you

  7. Ben Kwok says:

    Loved your talk about dialogue at Citadel Middle School today! Very informative and helpful, thanks for coming! 🙂

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