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  1. Dear Sir, I have just ordered ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’ and was wondering if there was any book’s in order ie, trilogy’s of the like? I do like to read book’s in order of. Or, do you have any suggestions? Thank You.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Reverend David J Grew

  2. Jayne Arnett says:

    I am currently reading The French Executioner and I cannot put it down!! the book calls me,…!! it is fantastic!! I have just finished a back to nursing course at university and have read nothing but medical and nursing books therefore I was longing to find a good novel to read.Your novel is outstanding.kind regards Jayne Arnett

  3. terri whitlatch says:

    I love the Jack Absolute books. When will the 4th book come out?

    • Oh I so wish I could tell you! My publishers sent me off on a medieval track which I am just exploring my way out of. I’m up to 1665! (My latest, Plague, and it does have an Absolute in it – Jack’s great grandmother) I would love to get back to Jack and Ate. Soon I hope – but maybe not soon enough for either of us, Terri!

  4. Amy Miller says:

    Is Jean Rombaud from French Executioner the actual name of Anne Boleyn’s executioner or is he just the name that you gave to the character?

  5. Corinne says:

    Vlad was an incredible read – thought provoking, commanding, and visceral. A fascinating study on the burden of power and duty. And your description of his philosophy on fate was so inspiring. I truly enjoyed it so much. I was hoping you would be willing to sign a hardcover copy for me? Thank you!

  6. Esther says:

    I first found your books through Jack and Ate, and it seems I’ve been working my way backwards in history and his family ever since! I wondered if there was a connection with Plague, I knew what John Lawley would do with that knighthood in Shakespeare’s Rebel. And I was enthralled by the story of the Rombauds in the French Executioner and Blood Ties! I now only have three of your books left to read! (Including all the Young Adult ones!). I can’t seem to find the third of your Runestone saga anywhere, unfortunately :(. Anyway I hope there will be another Jack Absolute adventure soon, He will always be my first favourite from you!

    • Oh how I wish I could write another Jack. You are far from alone in your desire, Esther. I keep the name Absolute alive in other books and hope for the opportunity. So glad you are enjoying the rest. Where are you? Why can’t you find Possession?

      • Esther says:

        I’m about an hour South-West of Toronto. Most of the major books stores I’ve looked in only have the most recent of your books, and the rest I’ve found in second-hand shops. Possession has just seemed to evade my personal possession! That and “A Place Called Armageddon”, but I have seen that before, it was a choice between that and Shakespeare’s Rebel and I wasn’t about to let that one go!

  7. Jim Harris says:

    I am a fellow member of the PNWA and look forward to meeting you at the summer writers conference in July. I have posted the following review on Amazon, Good Reads, PNWA and PNBA websites.

    “I am new to the writings of C.C. HUMPHREYS but I am really impressed by A PLACE CALLED ARMAGEDDON. I now have to add him to my list of authors to follow. I love to read historical novels particularly those that take place from the year 500 to the year 1485. This was my educational background as well as my passion. My knowledge of the Fall of Constantinople was limited but now has been expanded exponentially.

    The story centers on twin Greek brothers from Constantinople, the woman they both loved and with whom they sired children, a female assassin, a female seer and an alchemist. The younger of the twins is a warrior who was branded a traitor by the rulers of Constantinople. He becomes a mercenary primarily for Italian city-states. His older brother (by only minutes) is a diplomat for the Emperor of Constantinople. The diplomat’s wife is also loved by his brother. The female assassin is a mercenary and is looking for the younger brother. The alchemist is searching for a lost book of Alchemy and the recipe for Greek Fire. The female seer becomes an advisor to the Sultan besieging Constantinople; she, too, is searching for the missing book.

    The characters are wonderful although you may not want to sit down to a meal with all of them. The action is first rate. The description of the early weapons using gunpowder is really good. The depiction of life under siege is graphic and really off the front pages of today’s newspapers.

    I urge all history buffs to read this book.

    GO! BUY! READ!

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