Historical Fiction

3 Responses to Historical Fiction

  1. Ev Bishop says:

    Why does PLAGUE not have its place of honour and prestige on this page? It’s such an excellent read in every way. I couldn’t tear through it fast enough, but now that it’s finished I’m in mourning. I want FIRE right away. I love Pitman and Coke so much. Please say they’re in the next book. . . .

    (Sorry for wailing, but I’m given to dramatics!😉 )

  2. Geraint says:

    Dear Mr Humphreys

    I hope you are well.
    I have to ask, will you ever get back to the Jack Absolute series and the long awaited sequel. It has been awhile now and while I do enjoy your other books, Jack does deserve to get back in the spotlight.

    I don’t know if you have recently seen the new show TURN about a Spy Ring set during the AR, though if not I should warn you it does go the Patriot style clichés, particularly in regards to John Graves Simcoe and the Queens Rangers. Needless to say the real Simcoe was a bit a different and not a psychopath.


    Yours sincerely

    P.S I thought you might find this interesting on the most famous of the Loyalist units that fought in the AR

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