The French Executioner Series


“If you can find a first impression, hoard it and wait till it rises in value like a first edition of Lord of the Rings. This is as good.” CRIME TIME UK



“Thrilling, funny, well researched and, at times, painfully poignant.” INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY UK


‘To my mind Cornwall is good… but Humphreys is better!’




The last thing Jean Rombaud expects upon being summoned to behead Anne Boleyn is to dedicate his life to her. But the ill-fated queen has a mysterious request for her executioner: that after taking her life he also take her infamous six-fingered hand and bury it at a sacred crossroads in France. His oath will set Jean on the most dangerous journey of his life.

In The French Executioner, C.C. Humphreys once again brings the past to life in all its glory and peril. This thrilling novel captures the breathtaking story of how courage, love, and loyalty bound Anne Boleyn to the man who ended her life—and saved her legacy.

“Humphreys has fashioned a rollicking good yarn that keeps the pages turning from start to finish.”—Irish Examiner


OPENING LINE: (Possibly my favourite ever):

“It was unseasonably cold for a late May night but the former occupant of the gibbet was too dead to care and his replacement too unconscious.”


‘It’s a wonderful cross gender adventure and highly recommended.”



“Thomas stepped from light to darkness, from warmth into a chill mist.”

2 Responses to The French Executioner Series

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  2. Roberto Biagi says:

    Mr. Humphreys.

    It has been years since we attempted to bring The French Executioner to life. And what a shame for it not to come to fruition. Where lies poor Jean Rombaud?

    Please send me an email so we can discuss Jean, and other unsung heroes of the historical world.

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