The Hunt of the Dragon

Published October 18th 2016

An utterly captivating adventure set in a land where all our myths live…


“What is it you think I can do?” she whispered. “I’m no one.”

The dragon’s thought came carefully, painfully. “No one? The maid who was given the gift of tongues? The girl who tamed a unicorn? Who saved then destroyed a world? Oh, Alice-Elayne, you are someone. And you are about to learn that your story is only half told.”



Elayne is struggling with her ordinary life in New York City. Until she hears that a monster has been caught in the city’s sewers—a snake with a head at either end—and Elayne knows her ordinary life is over. For the monster has come from Goloth, land of the fabulous beast. And it’s come to take her back.

She doesn’t want to go—there are so many ways to die in that place. But when her father
crosses over, she knows she has no choice.

Yet this is a Goloth ripped apart by a civil war. . . that her actions helped start! Worse—the
unicorns, who are guardians of that world, have vanished, including her beloved Moonspill. But more startling than that: Tiamat, queen of dragons, has woken from her five-hundred-year sleep. And she has plans for Elayne. Terrible plans.

Summoned by a dragon, attacked by griffins,betrayed by pirates, forced to fight, Elayne will need every ounce of her courage to rescue her father, keep her best friend alive, and unite a realm, all while trying not to fall in love with the former tyrant-king!

Yet this she knows: if she is to have any hope of saving Goloth from total destruction, she must bring back the unicorns.

‘The Land of the Fabulous Beast is, in a word, fabulous, a place where all the creatures dreamed up by various cultures are portrayed in all their glory… Hand this to readers who like their heroines sassy and their settings vividly imagined.’

– Bulletin of the Centre of Children’s Books –

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