From the pen of award-winning author C.C. Humphreys comes his new novel. Which EVERYTHING ZOOMER names one of its seven Summer Blockbuster Reads:

“Fire by Toronto-born C.C. Humphreys takes place in 17th century London where, fresh off the Plague, the Great Fire rages. Blending sex, sin, murder and royals in one giant melting (literally) pot, it’s the sort of Backdraft meets British tabloid headlines tale that you won’t be able to put down.”

And Macleans magazine gave it this terrific review.

“The brilliance of Fire is that while the villains and their motives are known, the rest of the plot is slowly revealed in an engrossing thriller that shifts from a riverside theatre to the cramped confines of a 17th-century warship and finally to the congested parishes of London. In September, an ember at a bakery starts a fire that will consume much of the city. Soon the heroes are battling the conflagration as well as their enemies. Readers can smell the bitter ash, hear the pleas of the trapped and see the sparks dance from roof to roof.” Patricia Treble, Macleans. (Click HERE for full review)

Final cover

From the opening chapter:

‘The window’s lead is melting, its glass is bowing out. Within the plaster walls, horse hairs crisp in filaments of fire. Soon there is nothing left within the room. Wood. Wool. Flesh. Even metal. Gone.

So then, like any living thing, flame now has a choice. Feed or die. Beyond scorched wood and dissolving glass there is… more.

Across the threshold, a city sleeps.’


Here’s the latest review from the Toronto Star:

It’s clear something is going to ignite and Humphreys’ staccato prose drives the plot towards the inevitable trial by fire and a satisfying conclusion. This author clearly has great affection for the city he writes about. There are touching moments too, in amongst all the breathless adventure and dangerous acts. Humphreys offers up an absorbing and well-wrought blend of heroism and villainy in a story that is ultimately about the danger of unchecked fanaticism and the capacity of bravery to overcome. Plus — it’s a lot of fun. (Marissa Stapely)

Full review HERE

It’s here! A loose sequel to my 2014 award winning novel PLAGUE – (in other words you can begin with this one if you want!)

London 1666 – And the Devil must have his due.

The Great Plague has passed. Londoners celebrate survival in different ways. They drink. They gamble. They indulge in carnal delights.

But 666 is the number of the Beast, the year foretold when Christ will return. A gang of fanatics – the Saints – choose to hasten that prophesied day. They will kidnap, rape, murder. Above all, they will kill a king.

Two men, the highwayman William Coke and the thief-taker Pitman and one woman, the actress Sarah Chalker – will try to stop them.

Then in the early hours of September 2nd, 1666, something starts that will overtake them all…

London’s a tinder box. Politically, sexually, religiously. Literally. It is about to burn.

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And the first reviews are in:

‘Author, actor and swordsman CC Humphreys is back with another edge of the seat, up late at night historical thriller…the history is deftly inserted between addictive swash buckle and peril as travel takes us further from London while the countdown to the conflagration in all its senses continues. Add to that banter and sardonic wit and it’s easy to see why a new Coke and Pitman book is fast becoming something to anticipate with a smile as well as a slight shiver of fear… for their sakes.’ – The Bookbag – Ani Johnson.

Full review:

‘Don’t worry if you haven’t had the opportunity to read Plague yet – you will still be able to understand and enjoy Fire, which works as an exciting historical thriller in its own right… Fire is an enjoyable read and a fascinating journey through 17th century London life.’ – ‘She Reads Novels’ –

Full review: