Shakespeare 1600: The One Man Show

What was going on when William Shakespeare wrote ‘The Tragedy of Hamlet’?

What were the worlds – social, political, religious, theatrical – from which the greatest game changer in literature arose?

Chris Humphreys wondered exactly that. So first he played ‘the Dane’. Then he researched and wrote both a novel and a play called ‘Shakespeare’s Rebel’. And finally he created his one man show: ‘SHAKESPEARE 1600’.

Join Chris as he delves into that late Elizabethan world. As he explores what people felt and believed, how they lived, loved, worked and entertained themselves. And learn how William Shakespeare observed and harnessed those times to create his wonderful dramas.

This is no lecture. For not only does Chris wear pantaloons, hose, doublet and ruff, he also leaps around with bladed weaponry! While exploring the verse with soliloquies from A Midsummer Nights Dream, Henry Vth and, of course, Hamlet. Come meet the extraordinary men and women whose stories the playwright disguised to put upon his stage:

– Elizabeth, ‘Gloriana’ herself – aging, indomitable, still scheming.

– Sir Robert Cecil, the hunch-backed, Machiavellian first minister.

– The mad, bad, charismatic Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex – the Queen’s last, perhaps greatest love, and the man who launched the most dangerous coup of Elizabeth’s reign… just two months before ‘Hamlet’ reached the stage!

Join Chris in his time machine as he whisks you back to London 1600, and takes you to see the city’s sights – and its sins. On this sensual tour, you will smell, taste, touch, see and feel the world that shaped Will’s vision. Finally, he will take you to the Globe theatre one sunny April afternoon where, for the first time ever, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men are putting on the extraordinary new play that will change everything.